Smelly Dog Breeds

Worst 8 Smelly Dog Breeds of the World

Most people would agree that dogs are fantastic, cute, and great companions. There are, however, certain disadvantages to them. Consider all the problems that could develop before deciding to buy a dog. One of those problems can be your dog’s smell. Some dog breeds are known for having a particularly pungent odor.

In some cases, fixing the problem is possible. In some contexts, you just have to put up with it. This is because some sick dogs naturally produce a strong stench. Infections and tooth decay are two examples of such problems. Some dogs, however, have chronic bad breath without any underlying health issues. It’s possible that these canines simply have oily skin or fur.

Let’s take a look at a list of the smelly dog breeds and see if there’s anything we can do about their smell!

Saint Bernard

These large, friendly dogs tend to stink a little bit. It used to be that you could only find these dogs in the Western Alps of Italy and Switzerland, but now you can find them all over the world. They are great companions and watchdogs for families. However, they constantly stink due to excessive drooling.

Their double coat only makes things more difficult. The longer their drool remains in that coat, the worse it will smell. They drool a much because it’s in their nature, and there’s not much you can do about it. To reduce the smell, though, you can wipe the animal’s mouth and neck with cloths.

The best solution is to give them regular baths with high-quality dog shampoo. This will help keep the second layer clean and reduce any lingering odors. The cost of gas is something else to consider. There are times when these dogs have a lot of gas, and their farts are usually quite offensive.

Basset Hound

Another beautiful dog that is commonly considered to be one of the stinkiest. Despite their long ears and beautiful eyes, some of these dogs have a reputation for being quite offensive to the sense of smell. To begin, their coat can resist moisture. This causes them to get oily and stinkier than usual.

There are many folds in their skin where bacteria can hide. This could cause a disease that emits a foul odor. The most commonly seen diseases in Basset Hounds are ear infections and lip-fold pyoderma. Dogs with large ears or plenty of skin folds are especially susceptible to these illnesses.

Third, their long ears and sagging jowls can provide a breeding ground for odoriferous food, drool, and dirt after a while. Moreover, they can possibly have an excessive amount of gas. If you don’t want your Basset Hound to have an offensive odor, you’ll need to give it regular baths, feed it a healthy diet, and remove any food or drool that has become stuck in its ears or jowls.


Smelly Dog Breeds

A slightly odorous but otherwise delightful, sociable, and child- and adult-friendly breed. Because of their exceptional sense of smell, they are widely employed as hunting dogs. But if you can get beyond their odor, they make great house pets. The smell that beagles give out poses no threat to human health.

The reason is that, historically, beagles of this type have always hunted in packs. They created a distinctive body odor so that their friends could find them more quickly. This suggests that they carry a particular odor that doesn’t go away after washing. As with Basset Hounds, their huge ears are prone to infection and unpleasant odors.


Although many people adore these dogs for their wrinkled appearance, their stench is often unpleasant. Accumulation of bacteria, food debris, and other odor-causing particles in these folds of skin is common. Using face wipes designed for dogs is the finest way to clean in between the folds of the skin.

Since they like to stuff their faces, you should also clean around their mouths and chins every time they eat. The second problem that Pugs encounter is excessive flatulence. They have short, pushed-in muzzles and feed very rapidly. As a result, they end up swallowing a lot of air and feeling gassy.


This breed of courageous and empathetic dogs is quite popular all over the world. Because of their friendliness, devotion, and loyalty, they make great roommates. They take pleasure in games but require little in the way of strenuous exercise. Unfortunately, they often also have foul odors.

Like Pugs, they have wrinkled faces, which makes it easy for food and bacteria to get lodged in there. This causes your dog to start smelling bad. Like Basset hounds, they can get lip-fold pyoderma. When your dog’s spit becomes trapped in the creases of its skin, it might cause infection.

If you really want to fix this problem, you have to get into the habit of regularly wiping in there. Use some dog facial wipes to get the job done. It’s also important to keep the creases themselves dry. Even Bulldogs are not immune to tooth problems. A bulldog’s tooth problems are often the result of the breed’s distinctive face shape, which is difficult to alter.

Some of these problems include plaque and tooth decay, both of which can lead to an unpleasant odor coming from your dog’s mouth. To avoid this, your bulldog needs regular dental care, including brushing and visits to the vet.

Yorkshire Terrier

Smelly Dog Breeds

These small canines are loved all over the world for their enormous personality and cuteness. They may be small, but these guardians have big hearts and strong commitments. They’re low-maintenance and great for apartments because they don’t shed. There are several disadvantages to them despite their usefulness, such as a potentially offensive odor.

Because their coat so closely mimics human hair, they shed comparatively little. One of the primary causes of their olfactory abilities is the long hair that develops if you don’t trim it. That’s probably because that hair is constantly getting stuck in disgusting food and dirt. In addition to making your dog smell, their greasy skin can cause a wide array of skin problems and infections.

Diseases like these are well-known contributors to canine body odor. Yorkshire terriers, like the other stinky dog breeds on this list, need regular baths to keep their coats smelling fresh. It is also recommended that you keep your dog’s hair trimmed as short as possible if you want to keep him clean and odor-free.


One of the most popular dog breeds in the US, possibly because of its cleverness, vivacity, and loyalty to its owners. Their abundance of gas, however, is well-known. Like Pugs, they have pushed-in faces and short snouts. This suggests they take in a lot of air while feeding rapidly.

When dogs ingest air with their food, they start to fart. To avoid this, you should invest in a slow-feeder dog bowl, which forces your dog to eat more slowly than usual. Slow eaters take in fewer air bubbles. Because of this, they produce less gas and have a milder odor.

Boxers also face the challenge of dealing with food allergies. These allergies can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including skin problems, diarrhea, and even more flatulence. Keeping your dog on a healthy diet is the best way to protect them from developing food allergies, and all of them will make your dog smell bad.

Labrador Retriever

This sweet and lovable breed of dog is the most popular in the United States. They are high-energy, social dogs with a sterling reputation as the most sociable of all household companions. However, you’ve undoubtedly figured out by now that they also have a pungent odor.

The oily, water-resistant second coat is mostly to blame for the unpleasant stench. The Labrador Retriever’s furry exterior is a functional adaptation for its aquatic lifestyle. The breed was developed specifically to swim and recover waterfowl. If he jumps into the water, its oily coat will assist keep him as dry as possible; but, it will also make him stink.

It usually seems to become worse once they get wet, whether they swim or not. If he gets wet, drying him off with a towel is your best bet, although the smell will linger. Dog shampoo showers are a great way to get rid of unpleasant odors, but it’s important not to overwash your pet.

Main Causes of Their Odor 

Some of the various explanations behind a dog’s keen sense of smell have been covered here. One or more of the items on this list could be to blame for your dog’s odor problem.

  1. An Oily Double-coat
  2. Skin Folds
  3. Drooling
  4. Long, Floppy Ears
  5. Farting
  6. Dental Problems
  7. Tail Pockets

Final Thoughts

You just read about the eight smelliest dog breeds there are. There are a number of potential causes of their odor, and sometimes it just won’t go away. All dogs, even the cleanest, will leave an odor behind at some point. Dogs, like most other animals, have their own unique scent.

No dog is completely odorless, but some have more of a scent than others. Your new puppy may still have a smell even if it isn’t on our list. This is important knowledge to have before deciding to buy a dog. The good news is that, with a little preparation, you can keep the smell to a minimum.

Most people who own dogs eventually get used to their pet’s odor, so there’s no need to worry about it forever. However, this probably does not apply to guests at your home. Do what you can to lessen the odor, as people may find it disagreeable even if you’re oblivious to it.

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